Everything evokes the beauty around us. Everything is designed for immersion into this beauty, navigating amidst the waves of the infinite sea.


The grand salon is the heart of the catamaran. Surrounded by the blue of the sky and of the sea, it is a place to gather, a place to live and share the spirit of the boat, a place to feel at home and to rediscover what things mean, to get back in step with the rhythm of nature. Every detail reflects an atmosphere that is refined and unique yet at the same time relaxed and intimate. [gallery]

Upper Deck (Fly Bridge)

The spacious upper deck, suspended between the sky and the sea, encourages you to go beyond, to shift your gaze into the distance. To actually take time for yourself, caressed by the breath of the wind. To savor unparalleled moments, kissed by the sun, while sailing towards the horizon or being lulled by the waves and the peacefulness of hidden, secluded bays.  [gallery]


The four cabins, two aft and two forward, combine the pleasure of privacy with that of comfort and intimacy. They are ample personal spaces, illuminated by large vertical windows in which the waves are reflected and which restore all the pleasures of feeling at home. [gallery]

External lounge

The external lounge is a space where you can rediscover and enjoy those little everyday pleasures – including the joy of doing nothing. Here you can greet the day, make a leisurely breakfast, think, read, dream, revel in being aboard the boat and enjoy time with no limits.  [gallery]


Good wine and culinary pleasure highlight the sense of family and closeness created aboard our boat. These flavors, as well as the friendship, are those of our culture and our Italian and Mediterranean tradition. Just as our seas are those of the world. [gallery]


The crew members are the soul of the boat; they are her style and her essence. They were born and raised breathing the air and culture of the southern Mediterranean and, like their peoples, they are free and open to the world and to the true meaning of hospitality. [Crew Profiles]

Not a house at the sea but rather the sea as a home, a home that goes beyond familiar borders, navigating towards hidden beauty.