Allow yourself to be carried away by the beauty of a moment. By the simplicity of a gesture. By the earth. By the trees. By the mountains, lost in the blueness of the sky.

The entryway

The portal to this refined mountain chalet is a wooden door of extraordinary beauty – a remnant of what once was a traditional picket fence. The moment you step inside, you’ll note the softness of the fabrics, the elegance of the design, the quality of the vaulted ceilings, and the loving attention given to every single detail. [gallery]

The Stube

There is nothing more welcoming than walking into a traditional Tyrolean-style Stube parlour: the aroma of fir wood permeates the air, a fire crackles inside the stove, and the cushioned benches along the walls are an invitation to sit down and stay awhile. The décor of this particular Stube parlour – a delightful fusion of design objects and traditional furniture – is further confirmation of Giorgia and Stefano’s impeccable taste and boundless creativity. [gallery]

The Living spaces

It is elegance, tradition, and furniture design that render the living spaces of San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge so unique and so exclusive. This is a place where you can allow the boundaries of time and space to just slowly fade away. Time spent in front of a crackling fireplace, time spent cocooned in the softest of fabrics, time spent reading and relaxing with someone you love: this is time well spent. [gallery]

The Bedrooms

The lodge has four bedrooms – each different from the others and unique in its own special way. Some have valley views while others face the woods, but they all share some common qualities: they are bright, quiet, romantic, and designed with loving attention to every detail. By day, your bedroom will be your own secret hideaway; by night, it’ll be a place of deep and rejuvenating slumber [gallery]

The Relaxation area

After strolling through the woods – where you’ve been walking across soft moss under verdant, soothing foliage or over a blanket of newly fallen snow – herbal tea awaits you. Inside the chalet, there is the heat of the fireplace and the Tyrolean stove. The aroma of natural oils and nature’s vapours and scents waft through the air. This is a place where you can take a real break from the hustle and bustle. This is a place where you can banish the frenzied thoughts that are part and parcel of everyday life. [gallery]

The Wine Cellar

From the exterior of the lodge, you can access what was formerly a small stable for goats, with the original stone walls and wooden roof. Giorgia and Stefano have transformed this space into a delightful and intimate wine cellar. In this charming and very original tasting space, your hosts will guide you through a selection of wines and give you an introduction into the unique aromas and flavours of the region. [gallery]

Local Flavours, Mediterranean Inspiration

Experts custodians of unique flavors

With the help of expert carpenters, Giorgia and Stefano have repurposed a room in which Speck ham was once smoked. Once again in this space, we find a wonderful synthesis here: custom-made traditional wooden furnishings exist in perfect harmony with the latest electric appliances.
At San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, guests have the option of enjoying Giorgia’s delicious local specialities or being served by a prestigious chef – expect a feast of the palate and of the senses accompanied by fine wines from South Tyrol and beyond.